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The Time I Went Swing Dancing, Part 2

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There’s something I’ve got to express before continuing with the story. I’m a firm believer that if a person is attractive, then whenever somebody of the opposite gender so much as looks at them, then he or she (women are particularly guilty of this, in my opinion) will think that the other person is making a pass at them. That’s just how it is. Feel free to debate me in the comments. Better do it now before you forget.

So I get paired up with this girl, a freshman at UT who looks exactly like you think she would when you hear “freshman girl from UT”. OK, so it was a *little* distracting, but I was honestly more focused on learning the steps. So, here’s how it started.

The first thing we learned was where to put our hands. The guy’s right hand goes under the girl’s armpit and rests on her shoulder blade (I wish I could say that in a more eloquent way, but that’s how I saw it), and the guy’s left hand holds the girls right hand the way you would hold a remote control, at waist level. The second thing we learned was the triple step.

Photo: Stephanoffle, some rights reserved (see alt-text)

It’s exactly what it sounds like, but surprisingly hard to do. Start with your feet together, then one foot forward (guys start with the left, I think), bring other foot to first foot, then step out with first foot again. Then we learned the rock step, which is where you take one step back, then “rock” back and forth once in a smooth motion. Then instructors demonstrated the two steps in a very silky smooth fashion, which I can tell you was definitely not replicated by the gaggle of shuffling dance pupils. In what felt like a very rushed mood, we moved on to put the two together in various orders, speeds, and directions of movement.

My head, being as analytic as it is, began to wander after a few rotations. First thing I thought of was how similar this was to my kicking routine. I found it absolutely hilarious! For those of you not familiar, place-kickers for football or rugby all have their own unique routines before they take a kick. Mine’s three steps back and two to the side, with a little shuffle at the end. Kinda like a triple step and a rock step to the side.

My partners were all over the place. There was the freshman, then her friend, then a 30-something, then a 40-something, then someone who I couldn’t even tell. I think the highlight of the night was when I got paired up with a 20-something slender girl who, at first glance, looks like a dancer. She was plainly dressed and looked a little like Jennifer Aniston. By this point I had gotten one or two of the routines down, and I was getting into the swing of things, as it were. But this poor girl turned out to be absolutely lost!

***To be continued, my imaginary friends are calling me for tea.***

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***Got bored with this topic — don’t feel like finishing it.**


Written by Jason

July 31, 2011 at 3:57 pm

The Time I Went Swing Dancing

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I was recently invited to go swing dancing with a few of my friends. No big deal – I knew that they had gone before, but I was always busy with one thing or another.  That, and the very idea of dancing got me nervous.

I had never really understood how dancing worked, why people did it, or what was so fun about it. My first exposure to “dances” was in middle school, and needless to say – I’ll be honest here – those events were pretty crappy. I went anyways for my friends, but I would literally get bored within the first ten minutes. My school’s dances began as a frenzy for the crappy food, then degenerated into a mass of hormonal teens bouncing up and down in a cafeteria to equally bouncy music. When high school came around, I didn’t even bother.

So you could understand why I had reservations when it came to dancing. Then this voice popped into my head and said, “Hey, you’re not in middle school anymore you giant wuss!  Harden the f*** up, worst case scenario you get bored, and best case scenario you have fun.”

All your friends are doing it, Jason. Give in to peer pressure... Photo: Austin Swing Syndicate

I tried arguing with the little voice in my head, but nothing could convince it! Apparently I didn’t try hard enough because that Thursday night, I was standing outside the building’s pillared front entrance in my Sunday best. I had gotten there a few minutes before my friends, but it felt like an eternity! I was jittery and couldn’t stop shuffling around like a gerbil on crack. My friends showed up and we tried to go inside but were turned away because it was still another few minutes before they started, which only got me  more restless. We ended up talking about cars as they rolled in, prompting a “theatre of life“-esque discussion of what a person’s car said about themselves.

I turn around and BAM there are two fairly attractive girls standing right behind me. Now, I’ve been conditioned to not really care what anyone looks like, simply through working with many people across all levels of attractiveness. But hell, I was jittery anyways, and they were right behind me. You can see where my level of nervousness was heading.

Finally the doors opened, and since I was first-timer, I got shuffled into the “introductory class” with another one of my friends, while the rest went off to the ballroom. The room was dimly lit, lined with chairs along the walls, and a little smaller than your average classroom. Just from looking around, I could see that there was a pretty even 50/50 split between guys and girls. The instructors clapped their hands (think kindergarten) and began showing a few basic steps in the middle of the room. The group got in a big circle, guys on the outside and girls in the middle, with the girls rotating. Guess who was my first partner?

That’s right, one of the girls who was standing right behind me.

****To be continued, it’s late and I’m tired.****

Did you have an interesting first-time dancing experience? What was it like? Let me know in the comments, so I can pretend I have friends.

Written by Jason

July 29, 2011 at 8:21 pm